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Never give up on Hope


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It's just few days ago that i saw you,

you were fine and we spent some time.

I played for you some melodys on my guitar

and you watched so excited on my fingers.

I'm loving how cute you do your thing

and when i played my guitar how you tryed to sing.

I loved how you kissed yourself in the mirror,

after your birth i started to see my life clearer.

Now i can't believe that you got sick

and i watch how the clock make tick tack tick.

I'm feeling so useless cause i'm not be able

to do something except to sit at your hospital table.

You must be afraid in your hospital bed but don't be sad

cause beside you sit your mom and dad.

I pray to god "might you please cure his disease?"

He's too young to go so please let his lights glow!

He should does his adventures

with his own choosen members.


I will never give up on hope

cause the end comes if the end stays


When your time get so hard

that you lose your faith in god.

Search at a place where you find silence

and don't waste your time in violence.

Be strong for the one you loved


stay along with the once you love.

They deserves all your reserves.

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