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Aimless Dreams


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Aimless Dreams


He’s roaming through foggy streets, in every puddle her face is shining

But on these skinny streets he’s got to hike, although they are a-winding

On every appearing ghost he is trying to treat

He hands her a poem and discovers that she can’t read


A mysterious man hands him a bleeding rose

Raindrops and tears are running down his nose

Behind the gate there are gypsy couples dancing

Flames are revolving the place where he’s standing


Due to the endless roaming his suit is pretty scuffed

He wishes that her bed was the place where he’d lost the cuffs

He imagines walking with her down the arcade

But that thought shivers into a beat-up shade


When he gazes into the mirror, she’s appearing with her saint-like face

Then he turns his head and realizes that it’s much to late

He is freezing because his apartment is so bare

He still feels her soul existing everywhere


He sits on a wooden chair in that empty room

The white walls are grimly reflecting his loving gloom

He writes fading lines in the electrified air

And the ceiling waves like her silky hair


At dawn he walks deliberately down to the awaking harbour

He sees drunken sailors coming out of the old bar parlour

He charters on a ship and just hardly remembers her face

And her graceful hair he doesn’t see in the waves





Da meine Englischkenntnisse leider sehr begrenzt sind, hoffe ich, dass der Text sprachlich kein zu großes Verbrechen ist. Allerdings kann ich mich auch irgendwie nicht durchringen, deutsche Musik zumachen.

Naja - still got the blues,


lg jools

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