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An epic end

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Time flies the fires blaze all around us,

suddenly there is a tunnel of lights

and we look through with vacant eyes, ...


till heaven is broken up and the great shine of glory paves its way down to our heads.

As long as we tremble in the dark alone, we feel ourselfs so wrong, we know our minds needs to be cleansed.

We raise our faces, our eyelids and arms weak to reach this little sparking song, with fingers fingertips of our outstreched hands.


Rushing, rushing, ...clouds quickly disappear, but there´s no wind, still here.

I cover my ears and look around, i only see open mouths, i can not hear.

All look to the sky with eyes wide open, empty, grey and yet full of fear.


No noise, no sounds, but my heart races and jumps and remains unheard forever.

So when the quiet sound breaks the silent voices and the light is getting brighter, the time begins to run further, faster than ever.

A blood red horizon glows at the edge of the stars and so i´ll getting higher, silenced is our silence, it is cold and dark eternal night pulls over


... and over

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